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Strategic planning.

In this video we share 4 elements within the process of strategic planning to increase the performance of your organization.

Strategic planning.

What direction are we going to take the company into? How are we going to set the company into that direction? And, how are we going to maintain it? These are some of the questions the strategic planning process, sets out to determine and maintain.

How is a strategic plan implemented?

There is no one solid rule, but most companies follow a tried process. The first step is:


An internal evaluation of the company is taken, determining its strengths and weaknesses. An external evaluation of the company’s environment is taken, determining its opportunities and threats.


This is where a company determines its vision and strategy, determined from the information analysed from the above step.

Goal Implementation

The company will then map out clearly defined objectives in order to achieve its goals.

Evaluation and Control

This is where the company comes together periodically in order to review and adjust the, processes performance and settings. When a strategic plan is in full swing and maintained properly an organization will experience greater realms of performance as a result of other mechanisms in the company that contribute to performance being enhanced

Over to You?

Which one of these 4 elements do you gravitate to the most and how does it influence your results?

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