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How to create a vision for your business.

In this video we will teach you how to craft a vision for your organisation. Having a vision will greatly increase your ability to persevere and improve your employees ability to be motivated.

How to create a vision for your business.

What is a vision?

A vision is a picture of what an organization could and should be. Big leaders have big ideas, big ideas get people excited, employees want to feel motivated about coming to work because what they do matters. Feel free to watch the video below, and share with us your thoughts in the comments section.

How do I create a vision?

Pick your topic: Are you working on a vision for your organization, or just for a particular department? Is it for today’s shift, or for your retirement? Do visions for all of the above and everything in between.

Pick your time frame: Go far out enough to get beyond present-day problems but not so far out that you have no sense of actually getting there. Most organisational visions will be set from 2-10 years– but five is a typical place to start.

Put together a list of past achievements: List things like skills, techniques and resources that could be assets in achieving your vision, or past contributions that you or your colleagues have made to successes. this builds a base of positive energy and high quality experiences that you can build the future on.

Write a first draft:  -Don’t hold back, pour your heart out and get past all the reason why it wont work.

-Don’t let other people’s inhibitions of you hold you back. -Write as if your vision has already happened. -Keep writing for 20 minutes even if you think you sound silly. -Write a vision true to your heart, don’t write a vision that you aren’t a part

Review and redraft: Read through your draft without editing. Does it inspire you? Does it excite you? Stay away from being abstract. Use real numbers that define success for you, eg financial numbers, sales levels, salary, savings and status.

Ask for help: Get input from people you trust and respect, those who have experience, insight, and expertise relevant to your vision. If they start talking about action steps, that’s okay just take notes, some of those ideas might come in handy later.


Over to You?

Are you stuck at any point in this ‘creating a vision’ process?

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